First Blog

For a few years now I’ve been thinking about starting a blog. I like to write. Most people like to read. This can work.

But do they want to read what I want to write?

I thought about it for a long time, but when I realized how much money I can make it sealed the deal for me. What anxiety about writing things other people will read?

See, I’ve heard stories about people like me who just start posting videos of their kids doing funny things. People dispensing mom advice in blogs. Pretty soon they’ve collected 150,000 followers that advertisers want to reach. Just this week a colleague told me a story about a friend of his who started a website that posted some kind of data “for the common good” for free.

An advertiser approached him after he started collecting followers.

He refused. “It’s for the common good,” he said. Well, he collected thousands and thousands of followers. He had to buy more servers and spend more time on maintenance to keep it up – time in addition to his real job.

The advertising opportunity passed.

Maybe I don’t have the details all right but that doesn’t matter. The point is, I don’t want to be that guy. Partially fictitious or not.

I want to retire early. That’s where you come in.

I need you to follow me. Tell your friends to follow me. Tell them to tell their friends to follow me. We can earn my early retirement together.  Think about how good you would feel about that.

Once I decided to jump into possible ridicule by better writers than I, I needed a blog name. I chose Side Quirk after reading a book for work, called Non-Obvious 2017 Edition: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict the Future.

Side Quirk refers to the odd things people do as hobbies. The name struck me like lightening because the only thing holding me back from starting my blog – after I decided that readers will want to help me retire early – was finding the perfect name. One that isn’t phony, shallow, pretentious or bubble gum.

The name is perfect and fits because, well, I’m doing this on the side until I can retire, and because I can’t commit to one genre.

If you decide to follow me you will probably see blogs that are witty, try-to-be-witty-but-fail, serious, heartwarming and insipid. When I’m not writing about the weather, I’ll write about airlines, work, dogs, family, ADHD, gun control, climate change, kids, ticks, Star Wars and the fake media.

Let’s see where Side Quirk goes.

4 thoughts on “First Blog

  1. I love this idea!! And can’t wait to read your posts!! Please bring back, Things said around the table!!!! I love them!

    Your fan,


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