36 Unsharpened Pencils

It’s really not a big deal that I missed both deadlines to order my kids’ school supplies this year. Just ordered from Amazon. First time’s a charm. Why haven’t I done this before?

Almost everything has arrived and is sitting unboxed on the dining room table. Got my supply lists and a pen. Two boxes for sorting – one for boy, one for girl. This will be done in no time and soon I’ll have my feet propped up watching TV with a glass of wine in 20 minutes tops. Or maybe I’ll read a book or do something volunteery. The dining room table will be decluttered and I’ll be patting myself on the back for being so smart.

Yes, yes, I missed the ordering deadlines. That’s not really the point here. I recovered thanks to Amazon Prime. It’s so easy: Just take the list and do a quick search using the EXACT same phrasing the schools used so I know I’m getting the right stuff.

Here we go. Here are the three boxes of Dixon Ticonderoga pre-sharpened pencils, all 48 of them. Just like the school wanted.

Wait, 12 per box, three boxes. There must be another box here somewhere. Nope. OK, no big deal. They won’t notice we’re missing a few.

Wait a minute these aren’t sharpened! OK, OK, calm down the kids will have a little project tomorrow sharpening the 36 pencils and putting them back in the boxes. I see some teamwork happening tomorrow people!

All right what’s next?

One two-pocket, three-hole folder; one two-pocket folder, blue; one two-pocket folder, red; one two-pocket folder, green; one two-pocket folder, yellow; and one two-pocket folder purple. All right here.

Hang on, these don’t have three holes along the side. But the list just says the first one has to have three holes. Does that mean just ONE folder should have three holes or are they assuming I will infer ALL of the folders should have three holes? They should really be more clear. Setting that aside for now. I can probably use these folders for the boy.

Twenty-four glue sticks, Elmer’s. Got them right here. One, two, three…whew. All 24. That could have been bad.

Next up, two-inch three-ring binder (any color) – on it! I’ve got your binder right here. (But I don’t have binders full of women. Hahahaha! I crack myself up.) OK, moving right along.

Five subject, college-ruled spiral notebook with plastic cover. Oh yeah, baby right here. Check!

This isn’t that bad. A couple of little glitches but I think we can call this done in just one minute…

What are these? Six more five-subject, college-ruled spiral notebooks with plastic covers under this box! Where did these come from? Probably for the other kid. Must be for her but no I don’t see them on the list. I do see  those pesky folders. Yes, yes, I know. I need to get the ones with the holes those since I used the two-pocket, multi-colored folders for the boy.

But what’s up with all these spiral notebooks. Maybe I read FIVE spiral notebooks instead of five-subject spiral notebooks. But I’m counting like eight of these sons of biscuit eaters on this table. Why is there so much stuff on the table?

Never mind that, who’s supposed to get the 200 sheets of filler paper? I don’t see that on anyone’s list. Pretty sure they asked for 150 sheets and I overachieved by 50.

I see what happened: 150-page spiral notebook. Do I even have that here? How many pages does that say on the edge there? Why don’t they have the label on this? OK just eyeballing here that looks like 150 pages. Eh, I’ll throw in one of the five-subject, college-ruled spiral notebooks just in case the other one isn’t enough.

Now then where was I? 3×5-inch index cards, check…wait, other side of the list says another box of 3×5-inch index cards. Criminy. These schools are needy. Where do all my taxpayer dollars go anyway?

Two more glue sticks??? Are you kidding me?? I suppose they want Elmer’s and not generic. Needy AND picky. An eraser, three-ring pencil pouch, scissors…oh, I’m on it. I know I have leftovers from last year in the other room.

SCORE! One slightly used eraser, a pencil pouch WITH three rings (and the tag from the year I bought that by mistake and was supposed to get a pencil BOX instead) and one pair of semi-pointy scissors. (Wait, are they five inches? I’ll get the ruler. STOP IT! Just put the scissors in the box! What is wrong with you woman?!)

There are way too many things left on the table and not everything is checked off the list.   Sort of reminds me of that Lego set that time. But I found an old eraser, a pencil bag and scissors.

And I saved shipping charges using Amazon Prime.

I can save these extra spiral notebooks for next year. I’ll keep them right here next to … wait, the Health folder was supposed to be orange??!

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